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We Want to Showcase Scenes from Our Castability Community for Cast Away Cancer

We're so excited to partner with Jessica Sherman, CSA and A Cause for Entertainment again to host Cast Away Cancer this year. We've decided that this year we want the scenes to be stories from our Castability community.


  • If you are a Cancer warrior or have or had a close relationship with a warrior and would like to share your story with us, please email us at 

  • In you email include your scene or a pitch of the scene you'd like to write and a little bit about yourself and your story to apply to be featured. 

  • No writing experience necessary. We will make five selections of scenes to be featured. Once writers are chosen, we will set you up with one of our writers from our writer's room to fine tune the scene. 

  • All scenes must meet the standard Castability scene requirements. They should be 60-90 seconds long. 


Cast Away Cancer: Come perform, get feedback, and help fight cancer! 


Cast Away Cancer is a charity event that gives actors the opportunity to get in front of 6 prestigious Casting Directors (including Jessica Sherman, CSA and Amanda Doyle, CSA, practice their self taping skills with actual feedback, and contribute to a worthy cause! 


To participate, actors must download the Castability app to contribute $12 towards a credit to submit a scene. All scenes are written by true cancer warriors or close affiliates of who are sharing their personal stories. 100% of proceeds will go to Jessica Sherman's A Cause for Entertainment for cancer prevention and support.  Actors can upload their scenes or record them directly on the app using our in-app reader. 


Casting will then evaluate the actors in sets of 5 with a rankings of 1-5 in Believability, Specificity, Creativity, Personality, and finally Castability. Winners of each scene will be announced on our Instagram!


Follow to find out the remaining Casting Directors participating


Read more about last year's Cast Away Cancer here 

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