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Please join us for our second annual fundraiser  


100% of proceeds go to

 A Cause For Entertainment

Self tape, gather data, and help fight cancer!

Eight scenes written by true cancer warriors and their loved ones 

14 roles and 14 chances to win

Thank you for all your incredible submissions! Congratulations to all winners! 

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One of these Casting Directors will be reviewing your scene in the Castability Method. These rankings are meant to illuminate your craft and are totally optional. You will not know which out of the 17 reviewed your tape!



Jessica Sherman, CSA
Amanda Lenker Doyle, CSA
Ally Bader, CSA 
Erica Bream, CSA
Danielle Demchick, CSA
Jessie Frost CSA, CDG (UK) 
Jeremy Gordon, CSA
Jenny Jue, CSA
Sibby Kirchgessner, CSA
Ramani Leah, CSA
Rich Mento, CSA
Orla O'Connor CDG, (UK)
Mike Page, CSA
Cara Chute Rosenbaum, CSA
Alyssa Weisberg, CSA
Lindsey Weissmueller, CSA
Angela Young, CSA

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All 14 winners will receive 3 months of free Castability Memberships and 1 year free membership to WeAudition!


Check out our IG for winner annoucements!

On receiving your first Castability report. What if I don't like my ranking.

To understand data collection you must understand first that one set of data points means nothing in isolation. Accumulating data over time is the only way to draw realistic conclusions. For that reason we ask that no one take one ranking very seriously (high or low). We created this app so that actors can start to determine how casting perceives them. But one can only start to notice trustworthy trends after 8-10 challenges with accumulated decisions from casting over time.


Specifically during Cast Away Cancer, the app gets a very large number of submissions and actors are often batched randomly in highly competitive batches, sometimes making very difficult ranking decisions for our casting team when everyone is great! If 5 of these actresses were randomly put together in a Castability batch, you would have a hard time ranking them too! 


If receiving this information from casting does not suit where you are in right now, consider opting out of receiving Castability Reports in future events, or if you are open to collecting data long term, we hope that this previously withheld information will empower you as an actor, which as an actor run company, is our only goal! 



So many of our lives here at Castability and all over the world have been touched by cancer. A Cause for Entertainment was founded by Jessica Sherman, CSA to raise awareness and funds to support research, education, and the individuals and families who are currently facing a cancer diagnosis. We wanted to use our platform to raise funds for this worthy cause, celebrate stories written by true cancer warriors, all while giving actors the valuable opportunity to work on meaningful stories with personalized feedback. 


With the generosity of hundreds of actors and casting directors, our first annual Cast Away Cancer fundraiser fundraised over 10K for A Cause for Entertainment. This year we have once again gathered five writers that have graciously offered to share their own cancer stories and each write a scene from the heart. 


For this special event only, we are sharing the identity of our Casting Directors who are generously donating their expertise and time as they get to know new actors and give them valuable feedback on their craft using the Castability method. Learn more about our method here. Receiving your data for this event is optional and we will email you after submissions are closed with an opportunity to opt-out.

As always, after evaluations are done, Castability will provide actors with a unique data report on their work and winners will be featured in our ever expanding Castability Gallery! 


To participate you must donate at this link and then download the Castability app to submit your scene within the submission window. All donations are $12 for a credit to submit a scene. 100% of your donation will go towards A Cause for Entertainment. Feel free to purchase extra credits and submit for multiple scenes. One scene equals one credit. 

All 14 winners will get to continue their self tape practice as Castability members for a complimentary 3 month prize membership. 

You will be able to upload your scene directly to the app starting October 17th and ending October 22nd at midnight pacific.

Please join us in growing your craft while helping to Cast Away Cancer and raise awareness for cancer prevention and support!


Want more info on Castability? Learn more about us here.

We are so grateful for your contributions and excited to see your work! 


Feel free to email us with any questions at

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