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She-ra's Miracle

MaKayla and Marisa's Story

Marisa is a thriving fitness instructor, nurse, dancer, and fitness model living based in NYC. Six years ago, Makayla had a devastating accident that left her in pain 24/7, and she watched her performing career disappear overnight, or so she thought, until she met Marisa. Marisa helped Makayla turn her life around with the various healing and fitness modalities Marisa taught including pilates, Melt Method, and bodyART. From this experience, they became like sisters and close friends. 


During the pandemic, Marisa and her husband battled losing their first precious girl, to then find out that she had a rare form of cancer and underwent multiple rounds of chemo and a surgery to remove the tumor. Their sweet angel baby, She-rah, saved Marisa’s life, she kicked cancer's ass, and now inspires others with her unimaginable strength and resilience. Marisa and She-rah are both true angels!

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