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Allow us to introduce ourselves...

We're Castability. Nice to meet you!


Acting is a career of passion and the casting process can often prove to be a mystery. The industry is complicated and decisions are nuanced with no clear path to understanding the how or the why. That's why two actors - Jay Boyer and Jeremy Rabb - founded Castability to give every actor everywhere a fair path to discover their true potential. 


From the convenience of your phone, Castability creates thousands of small challenges for actors to test their skills against other actors, with working casting directors curating objective data for review and assessment.


Over seven years, Castability was incubated from Jay's living room in LA to the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business, collaborating with actors and casting directors at every step to test theories and build the system. 


"What we learned was that casting directors want to help actors. They don't want the mystery anymore than you do, so we figured out a way to align the incentives on both sides. Additionally, the increased responsibility in all industries to achieve real diversity, inclusion, and equity made us recognize that our app could not only bring greater opportunity to communities of color, but could also expose bias with data created by app users." 


Creative industries are wrought with subjective opinions. With a deep commitment to providing a path to self discovery for every actor, and through data science, Castability has established a workflow that provides objective data giving creatives an ability to assess on many levels and make smart decisions to move careers forward. 


Welcome to our community.

Our Story
Our Values

Our Values


We pursue the truth, even when inconvenient and uncomfortable. When we make mistakes, we will make them fast and pivot to become better and better.


We believe that everyone deserves a fair shot, and so, we create an environment rooted in inclusion and transparency. We promote diversity throughout our operations and community, and strive to make our services accessible, relevant, and inclusive to all.


We understand the grit and drive that it takes to be a working actor. Driven by purpose, we will take action and not give up.


We focus on the individual person - your story matters. We respect and support each of our journeys to realize our truest selves.

Meet The Team

Jay Boyer image

Jay Boyer


As Founder of Castability, Jay is following his passion to improve the actors’ experience and ability to discover their potential. Jay began his acting career as a company member of the American Repertory Theater, where he performed in several stage productions, including as King Deramo in Julie Taymor’s The King Stag at the Barbican Theater, London. He moved to Los Angeles to pursue television and film, where he performed co-staring roles on NCIS NY and Sam and Cat. Jay’s love for startups landed him at Paleta, where he led their business development and then to GFA, a health care consulting firm, where he is now partner. Jay has his BA in Economics and Theater from Vanderbilt University, his MBA from Michigan’s Ross School of Business and attended Harvard University’s Institute for Advanced Theater Training. Nothing gives Jay more joy than spending time in the sand or snow with his wife, Kate, and their two full-throttle children.

Amanda Lenker Doyle

Amanda Lenker Doyle, CSA


Amanda is a self proclaimed treasure hunter. Obsessed with all things shimmery and bright, she has dedicated her life to the hunt for gems, jewels...and actors. An award winning Casting Director, Amanda has been working in film and television casting for almost 15 years. Some of her favorite projects to date include THE WALKING DEAD, BLACK-ISH, THE MUPPETS, FULLER HOUSE, and most recently ZAC & MIA for Hulu and WAYNE for Amazon Prime. Having met and worked with thousands of actors over the years, Amanda's interest in the ethos of Castability was immediate. Every actor should have an opportunity to shine and she can't wait to see what beautiful gems she digs up. 


Taylor Shurte


Taylor is joining the Castability team after being a Castability early access member and falling in love with the app. As a working actor, she understands deeply the immense value of deliberate practice and feedback for an actor's growth, and just how rare that opportunity is. She hopes to empower actors to grow their craft with every Castability challenge and build a community where actors have everything they need to feel supported in their artistry.

She is thrilled to be a part of Castability's mission and is committed to helping to improve inclusion and accessibility for every actor.

Lauren Neal - image

Lauren Neal


Lauren is a working actor and director who is currently completing a Master's degree in data science in order to innovate ways to apply machine learning to filmmaking. She is passionate about uncovering the stories that data can tell us about ourselves and obsessed with quantifying that which we typically deem intangible. Lauren is committed to using data to create actionable feedback for actors and promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in casting.

Meet the Team


Gabriella Tranchina has wanted to be a professional actor since her debut at the age of three as “Inn Owner #2” in her preschool Christmas play. A Long Island, New York native, Gabriella dedicated her youth to studying theatre. Upon her high school graduation, she made the decision to relocate to Los Angeles, California to continue her education in theatre and film at the University of Southern California. Gabriella began working for Castability shortly after her virtual May 2020 graduation because she was inspired by the idea of giving actors, like herself, a new, fair chance at discovery. In addition to working for Castability, Gabriella is simultaneously pursuing her own career in acting, writing, and stand-up Comedy. She hopes that while she forges her own path, she can make a difference in the lives and journeys of other artists. Gabriella’s dream is to merge her own experience along with the experiences of others to create a dedicated, respected, and talented community of Castability actors. She also wants everyone to know she is an Aries Sun, Scorpio Moon, and Sagittarius Rising.

Our Promise

It’s not enough for the entertainment industry to speak against racism, misogyny, or discrimination based on disabilities. It is time to take specific action to level the playing field.


We at Castability continue to educate ourselves on different points of view with the realization that many actors’ lack of opportunity is compounded by societal prejudices. Typecasting creates a shorthand that streamlines the casting process, but it also can embed the process with systemic bias with regard to race, gender, sexual orientation and a person’s disabilities. These biases hurt many of our fellow actors and does a disservice to the audience by limiting our communal experience.


We have taken time to consider actions we can take that you will see below, but we would love feedback from the Castability community. Please let us know any way we can make our process as close to perfect as possible. 


Commitment to Diversity 


Castability was built to give every actor everywhere a path to discover their potential. This mission means:

  1. Our Casting Curators commit to evaluating actors based only on the constraints of the posted character description. If the role doesn’t require a certain race, gender or a particular physical ability, then the Casting Curator must not consider those limitations when evaluating.

  2. In order to honor the diverse voices in our community, we use scenes from a diverse pool of writers.

  3. We use our data analytics of casting habits to help expose hidden biases within our system and in the behavior of both our actors and casting professionals, and we share this data to the casting and acting communities to help improve the current system.

  4. We use our networks of casting professionals, agents and managers to help promote actors of diversity by including search options in our database that promote diverse options.

  5. We are committed to diversity in our staff.

  6. We are held accountable by a Committee of Diversity and Integrity that represents voices from a cross section of our community.

  7. We hold regular feedback sessions to give actors a platform to express concerns and suggest improvements to our system.

Our Promise
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