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General FAQ


Where can I download the Castability app?

Castability can be downloaded from the Apple Store and Google Play links below:





Where do I find the scenes and scene calendar?

All scheduled scenes can be found in the calendar in the link below:

-The password to access this calendar changes each month and is distributed via the first scene drop email of the month. In order to be included on these emails please be sure to subscribe to our mailing list in the below link:


Why don’t I see future scenes on the app?

Scenes are only in the app when they are currently live. Scenes go live Mon-Fri at 12pm PST on the specified date on our calendar and stay live for 60 hours. (At least one scene will be live at all hours besides the window of Sunday at 11:59pm PST and Monday at 12:00pm PST).


How many Casting Curators are used and who are they?

We have a rotating list of  ten casting curators we've been using since Castability has started. This list is growing in numbers and variety (countries, and regional markets) as Castability expands. These curators work based on their availability and are rotated for variety in scoring habits. This allows for a varied sense of casting habits and an opportunity to prepare your craft for many audition circumstances. Our casting curators are kept anonymous so that the focus is on your work and growth as opposed to networking. These are all active casting professionals who meet the below standards:


  • Currently employed in a Director or Associate level position by a studio, network, or production company.

  • Or a minimum of 100 weeks in the last 5 years as an on-line Casting Director or Associate Casting Director casting principal roles in Film, Television, or Theatre.


I don’t see scenes specific to my age range, ethnicity, race or gender identification, what should I submit for?

All Castability scenes are labeled by archetype and genre allowing all actors to participate in any scene they resonate with. We are tracking how each actor performs different types across different genres. As Castability Curators are not casting real roles, every actor can be seen for every scene. Therefore, every scene is open to all and instead assigned a specific archetype and genre. Data is then collected on the archetypal fit and genre to see which type of parts in which type of genre cater to various strengths.


Where do I login on the website?

There is no place to login on the website, you can only login on our app. Our website is only used for purchases, the scene calendar, support, general information, and the Castability List.


Where can I see who won the challenge?

All winners are featured in the Winner’s Gallery on the Castability app which is free to download and create a profile.


I purchased a membership on the website, but they’re not in my account on the app yet?

Please allow 24 hours of the next work day for credit purchases to be added into your account and to receive your first email from us.


Why haven’t I received an email from Castability when it’s been more than 24 hours since I signed up for Castability?

Check your Spam and Promotions folders to see if the email is there. If it’s not, feel free to email us at


How do I get the password to access the scene calendar?

The monthly scene calendar password changes every month. It is distributed via weekly “Scene Drop” emails. The current password is included in these emails. 


How do I see what scenes and characters will go live in the future?

Our scene calendar outlines exactly which character will be live on what date. We post the sides/scenes usually about a week in advance like a real audition. When submitting, be sure to double check that you are reading for the right character.


I’m having trouble uploading my scene or experiencing technical difficulties. What should I do?

Delete the app, re-download it, and try again. If you run into the same problem, email us. Email us at least 12 hours before the sequence or challenge closes so we can guarantee tech support in time.

How many a people participate in a Castability challenge?

This number is now given to you in your Castability Challenge report alongside your rankings from casting.

I just purchased membership and my credits do not appear to be in my account. Where are they?

Credits may take one full business day to reflect in your account. If this business day has passed, please log out and back in to your app and your credits should populate in the Purchase Credits section of the menu sidebar under Available Credits. Be wary of this when submitting on a weekend. We are a small company, still in beta. If you buy credits after business hours Friday or on a weekend, we will not be able to add your credits into your account until Monday.

I don't like my score.

To understand data collection you must understand first that one set of data points means nothing in isolation. Accumulating data over time is the only way to draw realistic conclusions. For that reason we ask that no one take one ranking very seriously (high or low). We created this app so that actors can start to determine how casting perceives them. But one can only start to notice trustworthy trends after 8-10 challenges with accumulated decisions from casting over time.


The app can get a very large number of submissions and actors are often batched randomly in highly competitive batches, sometimes making very difficult ranking decisions for our casting team when everyone is great! If 5 of these actresses were randomly put together in a Castability batch, you would have a hard time ranking them too! 


If receiving this information from casting does not suit where you are in right now, consider opting out of receiving Castability Reports in future events, or if you are open to collecting data long term, we hope that this previously withheld information will empower you as an actor, which as an actor run company, is our only goal! 

How do I pause or cancel my membership? 

You can reach out to anytime for a requested pause. You are allowed one pause a year up to 1 (one) Month then your membership will auto renew. If you wish to cancel your membership please reach out to admin 48 hours before your next billing cycle. The billing cycle begins the day you purchase. Any forever promo code is valid for as long as membership is active. If cancelled, promo will no longer be eligible.  

Are refunds available?

Refunds of memberships are available within 24 hours of purchase before any credits have been used. Please note that after that period, members must cancel before next billing date in order to not be charged. Not using your credits one month will not constitute a refund. All special offers including bulk 1 year or 6 month purchases will be non-refundable. 

Creating a Profile

Should I slate?

As of now, a slate is not necessary when uploading a Castability scene. We may be changing this in the future, and we will be sure to let you know if we do!

Why can’t I upload my resume? 

We want to level the playing field and let your talent shine on its own. Training and experience obviously help-- but the most important thing to us is what you bring to the scene right here, right now. It’s the quality of your performance that matters, not how long or how short your resume may be. 


Can I do this if I’m under 18?

Unfortunately, no. At this time, Castability is only available to those 18 and over. 


Is Castability open to non-English speakers?

As of now, our scenes are only in English since we are working with writers and casting curators based in the United States. 

Submitting Your Scene


Can I upload multiple takes? 

No. Castability challenges are designed to simulate an audition, so you can only upload one take.


Who am I reading for?

Always check your challenge reservation email. It provides a breakdown of your scene and which character you will be reading for. 


Can I read for the other character in the sides?

Our feedback is based on how you compare to other actors that submit for the same character in your sequence, like a real audition. Thus, the feedback is only accurate if you read for the same character as everyone else. Please refer to our calendar to see what date submissions are open for the other character in the scene.

Is this a real audition?

Castability challenges are not real auditions. They are simulations meant to collect data and help you improve!

How many chances do I have to record my scene?

While you can only upload one submission, you can take as many practice videos as you want. Just like when recording an audition tape for submission, you can do it over as many times as you want to get it just right. You just have to submit it by the deadline.

Do I have to use the automated reader?

No, and you will not be penalized or rewarded either way.


Can I record scenes on a desktop computer? 

You can record scenes on any device, as long as they are submitted through the mobile app.

Where can I see how many credits I have? 

Navigate to the Purchase Credits section of the menu sidebar and you will see Available Credits there.


Where should I send issues or bugs?

We are still in beta, so there are sure to be some tech problems that we would love your help identifying! Please report to and be specific in describing the issue. Screenshots are encouraged!

I missed the deadline for a challenge or character/scene submission. Can I email my take to admin and still get a Castability report?

Unfortunately, no. Due to the technological limitations of our app, as we are still in beta, we cannot upload late videos to the app. If you would like feedback on your tape, think of this as an audition, since we are an audition simulator, and be sure to submit your video before the deadline passes.

Are there any tips I should know for in-app recording?

Yes, for best audio balance because the in-app reader is closer to the camera than you, the actor, make the volume of the in-app reader as low as you can still hear. This will create a better audio balance throughout the take.


Are my results private?

The only metrics shared outside the private data for the actor are victories. If you’re chosen first out of the five in any metric, you get placed in that gallery for the industry to see. Lower scores are all private. 


What is the gallery?

Galleries are the collection of actors selected as the top performer in each challenge. There is a gallery for each of the quality criteria as well as the castability metric. Casting professionals, managers, agents, directors, and other industry professionals can explore each of these galleries and watch your work. As we grow in size, so will our galleries, and soon they will be a great benefit for you as an actor. Every challenge you win gets noted in the gallery, so casting professionals can recognize your growing body of work.. Our goal is to give you exposure and traction as an actor.

What’s in it for the Casting Directors?

Casting Directors receive financial compensation for their work on our platform.

How do I get my feedback?

Scores are expected to be sent to you via email a week after the following Friday. So, if the scene closes on a Wednesday the scores are not expected to come two days later, they are expected to come nine days later. This is, of course, what we aim for and sometimes scores are early or late depending on the casting curator's schedule.

I submitted reading for the incorrect character or the wrong scene entirely. Can this be transferred to the correct sequence or removed all together?

No, once the scene has been submitted, included in the sequence, and automatically delivered to the Casting Curator, we cannot remove it or transfer it to another sequence. We understand it was an honest mistake, but just like a real audition, as we are an audition simulator, be sure to double check that you are reading for the correct character in the correct scene when you submit.  


What is the difference between Experiments and Challenges?

The Castability Experiments are specific scenes under specific conditions with the end goal of collecting data to answer questions about the industry. We ask questions that help identify casting trends at the macro level, like do all casting directors think the same way or what’s the deal with typecasting. The experiments happen periodically and are always free to participate in. 


Challenges are consistently available in our app, and you participate in these with the end goal of learning about your own performance as assessed by casting professionals. Your first challenge is free, but later challenges can be bought in bundles.  


Can I participate in multiple experiments?

Yes! Some experiments are limited to a specific age, gender identity, or other characteristics, but you are able to participate in any experiments you qualify for.



I’d like to cancel my membership, can I be refunded for that?

Once you sign up for membership you will be charged for one calendar month from the day you signed up and that is your membership billing date. If you would like to pause membership going forward please email our Admin and CC our Operations Coordinator at least 24 hours before your scheduled membership renewal. Membership renews one month from the date on your invoice.


I did not use all 5 of my membership credits this month, will they roll over to the next month?

Each month every member is allotted 5 credits that expire at the end of the month. Unused credits expire at the start of the next month. Additional credits can be purchased on website or app if one would like to submit more than 5.


Can I purchase credits a la carte?

Yes, feel free to purchase individual credits on the app for instant access. 


For all needs, please email our Admin and CC our Operations Coordinator so they can work with your specific needs.


More Specific Questions? Please contact us at the below email addresses:


Admin -

Operations Coordinator -

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