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Questions? Check out our FAQ below or email admin

Where do I find the scenes and password?

All scheduled scenes are released in app every weekday at noon. If you desire to prep ahead, each week's pdfs are also published on our website's scene calendar and linked in our scene drop emails every Monday. Be sure to check your spam if you are not receiving Castability emails. The password to access the pdfs changes each month and is distributed via the first scene drop email of the month. You are automatically signed up for these emails by downloading the app and creating a profile.

Why don’t I see future scenes on the app?

Scenes are only in the app when they are currently live. Scenes go live Mon-Fri at 12pm PST and stay live for 60 hours. (At least one scene will be live at all hours besides the window of Sunday at 11:59pm PST and Monday at 12:00pm PST).

What should I submit for?

All Castability scenes are labelled by archetype and genre alone allowing all actors to participate in any scene they resonate with. Castability tracks how each actor performs in different archetypes across different genres. As Castability Curators are not casting real roles, every actor can be seen for every scene and any actor of any age/ethnicity/gender can win. Data is then collected on your archetypal fits and genres to see which caters to an actor's various strengths.

I don't see credits in my account yet?

Please allow 24 hours of the next work day for credit purchases to be added into your account and to receive your first email from us. If it has exceeded 24 hours please check your Spam and Promotions folders to see if the email is there. If it’s not, feel free to email admin.

When do I get my feedback?

Scores are expected to be sent to you via email roughly a week after the challenge officially closes. As we only use busy working casting professionals,  please keep in mind that the scores sometimes are earlier or later depending on the casting curator's schedule.

Who rank me?

We have a rotating list casting curators growing in number and variety (countries, and regional markets) as Castability expands. The curators are compensated for their work. These curators work based on their availability and are rotated for variety in scoring habits. Exactly which curator scored you is kept anonymous so that the focus is on your work and growth as opposed to networking. These are all active casting professionals who meet the below standards:

  • Currently employed in a Director or Associate level position by a studio, network, or production company.

  • Or a minimum of 100 weeks in the last 5 years as an on-line Casting Director or Associate Casting Director casting principal roles in Film, Television, or Theatre.

What is difference between ranking and scoring?

The challenge reports you receive from casting are not typical scores. You are ranked in 1st place to last place within a batch of 5 of your peers, 5 being 1st place and 1 being last place. That means a 1 does not mean "bad" and a 5 does not mean "good." Keep in mind these are rankings and not independent scores. Progressing to the next round in your challenge report means you made it to a "callback" round and are then ranked with all the other actors who won their first batch. Each round gets more and more competitive until a winner is chosen.

Where do I login on the website?

There is no place to login on the website, you can only login on our app. Our website is only used for purchases, the scene calendar, support, general information, and the Castability List.

Where can I see who won each challenge?

All winners are featured in the Winner’s Gallery on the Castability app which is free to download and create a profile. Watching peers work is an essential part of learning how casting thinks and improving your craft.

I uploaded the wrong take or character!

Reading the directions carefully is an essential practice in any audition. If you submit for the wrong character casting will treat it the same as in any audition and will be unable to consider you for the part.

Trouble uploading or experiencing technical difficulties. 

Delete the app, re-download it, and try again. If you run into the same problem, email us. Email us at least 12 hours before the sequence or challenge closes so we can guarantee tech support in time. We are unable to reopen a challenge after it has closed.

In-App reader issues

Casting will not take in-app readers into account while scoring. The technology is still in beta and it is best to practice with it before you submit. For best audio balance make the volume of the in-app reader as low as you can.

I don't like my score.

To understand data collection you must understand that one set of data points means nothing in isolation. Accumulating data over time is the only way to draw reliable conclusions. Would you take one person's opinion as fact? We ask that you only start to notice trends after 8-10 challenges with accumulated decisions from casting over time.


The app can get a very large number of submissions and actors are often batched randomly in highly competitive batches, sometimes making very difficult ranking decisions for our casting team when everyone is great. If 5 of these actresses were randomly put together in a Castability batch, you would have a hard time ranking them too! Another reason to not take any one score too heavily.


If you prefer to focus on your craft and receiving this information from casting does not suit where you are in right now, consider opting out of receiving Castability Reports by emailing admin. If you are open to collecting data long term, we hope that this previously withheld information will empower you as an actor, which as an actor run company, is our only goal.

How can I delete my account and profile?

Your account can be deleted by sending an email to

How do I pause or cancel my membership? 

You can reach out anytime for a requested pause. You are allowed one pause a year up to 1 (one) Month then your membership will auto renew. If you instead wish to cancel your membership please reach out to admin 48 hours before your next billing cycle. The billing cycle begins the day you purchase. Any forever promo code is valid for as long as membership is active. If cancelled, promo will no longer be eligible.  

Are refunds available?

Refunds of memberships are available within 24 hours of purchase before any credits have been used. Please note that after that period, members (including any free trials) must cancel before next billing date in order to not be charged for the next month. Not using your credits one month will not constitute a refund. All special offers including bulk 1 year or 6 month purchases will be non-refundable. 

Can I do this if I’m under 18?

Unfortunately, no. At this time, Castability is only available to those 18 and over. 

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