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The Audition Simulator

The beta Castability app brings total transparency to the audition process empowering actors with trackable data directly from casting to transform their careers.

All you need to do is download and create a profile to claim your free submission.

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I recently booked lead roles in two different feature films. Using Castability for the last 6 months, every time I get a new audition, I feel empowered to take more risks and my tapes feel more alive.

-Jamie H

I was able to tell reps that these (winning scenes) are real results of how casting sees me. Once I made that switch, I garnered more responses, and ultimately signed with a rep last week who I am so excited to work with.

-Taylor K

I was hesitant to buy with everything I have on my plate right now... but it's actually giving me a tremendous sense of relief. There is no fail with Castability, there's only learn and grow. It is helping me find the courage to be fearless.

-Joseph K.


We submit scenes in our audition simulator to be ranked confidentially by top casting professionals with thousands of hours of experience in the audition room. In return, we get the private data back to discover where we fall on the casting "decision matrix." We collect this data over time to help us make data-driven decisions on which roles, genres, classes, and areas of growth we need to target for our career.

We then promote the top scoring actors to the industry as the first gallery of actors vetted again and again by top casting professionals.

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Weekly Self Tape Practice with original scenes written by our Castability writers' room released 5 days a week. Choose to shoot in-app with our pre-recorded reader or upload directly from your camera roll. All scenes open to all ages, gender, ethnicity, or ability. Find accountability and the community you need to commit to practice.

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You never have to wonder what casting was thinking, after every Castability challenge you will receive private transparent rankings from expert casting professionals. Over time those scores illuminate trends vital to an actors success. As a member you will then receive monthly data reports detailing your best genre, archetype, and your averages in the 5 quality metrics that make a successful actor. Exactly what you need to improve your skills, track your progress, and know how to market yourself. 

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After you win your first challenge you will be a part of the first ever casting vetted actor gallery. Never wonder who got the part again. Learn from every submission as you always have access to the "booking tape" in the in-app Winner's Gallery.  Every quarter, the top scoring actors in each metric are calculated and featured on The Castability List

Before the interview

Ever wish you could see the booking tape? Download the beta Castability App to get free access to the Winners Gallery and see who casting is choosing as the "Most Castable."

Download on the App Store
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Current Casting Curator Pool

We hire our casting team for their expertise making creative decisions with thousands of hours in the casting room. Instead of providing you with exactly who scored your scene, we present you with a list of who has curated on the Castability App. This allows you to focus on your work, but have confidence in your data.

Our casting curators are led by our Director of Casting Relations, Amanda Lenker Doyle, CSA, and meet the following requirements:

  • Currently employed in a Director or Associate level position by a studio, network, or production company.

  • Or a minimum of 100 weeks in the last 5 years as an on-line Casting Director or Associate Casting Director casting principal roles in Film, Television, or Theatre.

How Membership Works

Practice, Insight, and Results

Choose between a Stay Warm Membership with 2 submissions a month or a Weekly Membership of 5 submissions a month. 

Both memberships include:

  • Choice of 5 original copyright free scenes a week with 60 hour window to submit.

  • Private transparent rankings from our expert casting curators 

  • Monthly data reports averaging and tracking your skill level, best genres and archetypes and areas for improvement.

  • Showcasing top ranking work on the winners gallery and Castability List

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Private honest impressions from casting emailed to you after every submission. Finally find out exactly what casting is thinking so you have everything you need to book your real auditions.



After 6-8 challenges you will be able to start making reliable conclusions about your craft and marketing materials. Members receive updated data reports averaging your current stats every month to track your progress.

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After every submission actors are emailed their challenge report. Casting uses five quality metrics to illuminate to actors where they fell in the casting matrix. Curation begins in batches of 5 with each actor receiving a 1 to 5 ranking (5 being the highest in that group). The winners of those batches then will compete in “callback” rounds until the final winner is chosen. Over time, these accrued opinions from casting start to illustrate reliable trends. We believe that this transparency empowers actors to progress faster and be uniquely equipped when real auditions come around. 


Embodying the role authentically while living moment to moment.


Incorporating all details of the written scene and building the world of character.


Who Casting ultimately would choose to win the part.


Using your originality and imagination in all aspects of your tape.


Letting your charisma and authenticity shine.


Every role is assigned an archetype and a genre.

Over time, actors are able to gather reliable data on the roles and genres they excel in.

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Slide for the 12 Castability Archetypes 

Castability categorizes all roles into twelve common character archetypes in order to help the actor explore and recognize the different roles used in TV and film.


Castability archetypes are always gender, race, age, and ability neutral.

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Be sure to follow to get tips from casting and connect to the Castability community on Social and our Discord server

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Hosted by Amanda Lenker Doyle, CSA and the Castability staff, join us as we discuss the creative decision making process in our mission to make these creative decisions, quantifiable!

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